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    Road Engineering


    The institute of road engineering was founded in the early days of the People's Republic of China, and was authorized to confer master's and doctor's degrees in 1979 and 1990 respectively. In 1996, it set up a post-doctoral research mobile station. Relying on "Key Laboratory of Highway Engineering Ministry of Education in Special Areas", "Key Laboratory of Ministry of Transportation Road Structure and Materials" and "Innovation and Intelligence Base of Sustainable Development discipline of Special Regional Highway Engineering", the Road Engineering Research Institute carries out research closely around the major topics and key technologies in highway construction, based on the western region and facing the whole country, and covers all directions of road engineering. A large number of high-level research results have been obtained in the aspects of subgrade and pavement structure in plateau frozen soil area, high-grade highway construction technology in loess area, road construction technology in desert area, pavement material structure theory and modification technology, highway disaster prevention and control technology, highway intelligent detection and maintenance management, etc., which have formed their own distinctive characteristics and advantages in the field of highway traffic science and technology, and have won one first prize and three second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, And more than 30 scientific and technological awards at the provincial and ministerial levels; It has also trained a large number of high-level professionals for the highway industry at home and abroad, which has become an important base for scientific and technological innovation and high-level personnel training with distinctive characteristics and vitality in the highway transportation industry of our country.

    1Environmental friendly pavement construction technology and engineering application

    In view of the outstanding problems of traditional road infrastructure in the process of water accumulation, noise disturbance, snow and ice slippage, heat absorption and temperature rise, exhaust gas pollution and so on. The technical bottleneck of stable and durable material design of porous structure has been broken through, and the permeable pavement, low noise pavement, low endothermic pavement and decomposing tail gas pavement have been systematically developed, and the complete system of material and structure design and construction technology of environmental friendly pavement has been formed for the first time. The results break the technical monopoly of high viscosity asphalt modified materials abroad, fill the blank in the fields of tail gas decomposition and low endothermic pavement in our country, and the overall technology has reached the international leading level. The results have been widely used in the construction of high grade roads in our country, especially for the construction of sponge cities.

    2Key technologies of subgrade construction in special areas

    In view of the problems of poor stability and uneven subsidence of highway roadbed in saline soil, frozen soil and collapsible loess in China, which lead to pavement cracking and deformation, and affect normal driving, through a large number of indoor and outdoor, theoretical analysis and numerical simulation, the law of water migration, disease formation mechanism, treatment method and construction control technology in subgrade are studied, and a complete set of technologies for subgrade construction under different soil conditions are formed.

    The results have achieved a number of independent innovations and filled in a number of gaps at home and abroad. The main results have been incorporated into the industry standards and norms, and more than 1500 kilometers of subgrade and pavement design and more than 1100 kilometers of maintenance decisions have been guided. The project won 2 second prize of national scientific and technological progress and 1 special prize of Chinese highway society.

    3Key technologies of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge road engineering

    The relationship models of tensile stress, top deformation, shear stress, crack transfer development and surface thickness and bond between layers of composite pavement are established. The typical structure of composite pavement of undersea tunnel and the design method of pavement joint filled with elastic-plastic body are proposed.

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