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    【国际会议17】ISBM Lyon 2020 2020.6.8-6.10 英格兰


    【国际会议17ISBM Lyon 2020英格兰

    茶话会名称:International Symposium on Bituminous Materials

    茶话会时间:June 8th-10th2020

    茶话会地点:Lyon, France


    Abstract submission: May 2019

    Notification of abstract acceptance: July 2019

    Submission of full papers: November 2019



    The symposium will join the strengths of 3 RILEM Technical Committees of Cluster F, making it an exceptional and unique event:

    264-RAP (“Asphalt Pavement Recycling”),

    272-PIM (“Phase and Interphase behaviour of bituminous Materials”),

    278-CHA (“Crack-Healing of Asphalt Pavement Materials”).

    The participation of researchers and practitioners from different fields will allow tackling key scientific challenges related to properties of bituminous materials and structures and innovative practices in the pavement domain.

    This event will be a wonderful opportunity to share the latest advancements and innovations in the field of asphalt pavements and to bridge the gap between scientific research and applied engineering.


    Bituminous materials (bitumen, mastics, mixtures)

    Ÿ Recycling

    Ÿ Phase and interphase behaviour

    Ÿ Cracking and healing

    Ÿ Modification and innovative materials

    Ÿ Durability and environmental aspects

    Ÿ Testing (laboratory, in situ, accelerated) and modelling

    Ÿ Multi-scale properties

    Ÿ …

    Road, railway and airport pavement structures

    Ÿ Surface characteristics

    Ÿ Structure performance, modelling and design

    Ÿ Non-destructive testing

    Ÿ Back-analysis

    Ÿ Life Cycle Assessment

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