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    Lecture: Bridge Conceptual Design -- June 10 - June 14

    Time:May 30, 2019


    Course Introduction: " Bridge Conceptual Design " involves a brief history of bridge structure development, bridge structure system innovation, bridge component innovation, bridge aesthetic rules, bridge structure design and design trends, advanced bridge maintenance, monitoring and maintenance technology.

    Date:  June 10th - June 14th 8:00 am -- 11:50 am

    Class location: B145

    Course Content:

    Day 1(08:00-11:50)

    -Introduction to Aesthetics principles;

    -Short history of bridge evolution;

    -Bridge aesthetics.

    Day 2(08:00-11:50)

    -Bridge types;

    -Introduction to cable theory;

    -Introduction to arch theory.

    Day 3(08:00-11:50)

    -Last trends in bridge design;

    -Integral abutment bridges.

    Day 4(08:00-11:50)

    -Bridge Management;

    -Health Monitoring;

    -Bridge inspection and repair.

    Day 5(08:00-11:50)

    -Case Studies.

    The lectures will be given by Prof. Tobia Zordan.

    Professor Tobia Zordan graduated from the University of Padua, Italy, and the University of Trento. He was a professor at the University of Cagliari, Italy, an adjunct professor at Tongji University, and an adjunct professor at Southeast University. Currently, he is the CEO of BOLINA, a large Italian civil engineering company, and the chairman of the International Bridge Foundation. Professor Tobia Zordan is mainly engaged in the design of new bridge systems and new structures. During the teaching and work period, he has hosted and participated in the conceptual design, consultation and construction of a number of major projects at home and abroad, and accumulated rich experience. He has published 40 papers in the journal Engineering Structure and Structural Engineering International in civil engineering, and published 106 papers at major international conferences such as IABSE and IASS. Besides, he has edited 4 books and served as the chairman of the European standard ---- CEN-TC340 - EN15129 (anti-seismic device).

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