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    1951-1958             Preparation of “Highway College” and “Professional for Highway and Urban Roads” in Beijing, Baoding and Xi'an


    1958                       Xi’an Highway Institute was founded by merging Beijing Highway College with Xi'an Automobile Machinery School. In October of the same year, the Road department was established, which was the predecessor of the School of Highway


    1974                       Xi’an Highway Institute resumed enrollment. In the same year, it began to recruit international students from Arab Republic of Yemen in highway engineering.


    1984-1985              The disciplines of highway engineering, bridge and tunnel engineering, and geotechnical engineering were granted master's degrees. In 1990, the disciplines of highway, urban road and airport engineering were granted doctoral degrees.


    1998                       Xi’an Highway Institute was renamed to Xi'an Highway and Transportation University, and the highway department was renamed to Highway Engineering College.


    2000                       The former Xi'an Highway and Transportation University, Xi'an Engineering College, and Northwest Institute of Architecture and Engineering merged to form Chang'an University, directly under the Ministry of Education. It was the key construction university of the “211” project, and Highway Engineering College was renamed to the School of Highway (Highway School).



     Xi'an Highway Institute                                                                                    Opening Ceremony of Xi'an Highway Institute  



     First graduate of the Xi’an Highway Institute                                                 Dormitory in the 70s



     University gate in the 80s                                                                                    Highway School of Chang’an University(2000)

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